Advanced Carbo Load

Use: Carbo Load FLOWER / FRUIT ENHANCER. Can be used with HYDROPONIC and SOILESS growing methods

Complimentary Products:

Use with any Advanced Nutrients fertilizer. Highly Recommended to use in conjunction with Advanced Nutrients VOODOO JUICE.

About CARBO LOAD Liquid:

Derived from both simple and complex carbohydrates that exactly matches a plant’s carbohydrate profile. Specifically designed to boost the yield during critical flowering period when plants use up their carbohydrate reserve to produce fruit.

Carbo Load Liquid Technical Info:

When a triathlete is getting ready for a big race, he loads up on carbohydrates to provide a burst of energy during the race and at the finish. Your agricultural crops also need to load up on carbohydrates during their production phase, so they can deliver prize-winning flowers, fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables with maximum efficiency and vigor. Our Carbo Load Liquid product is a great way to enhance your crop’s production by stoking it’s need for carbohydrates beginning in the early part of the production cycle when your crop is using its own sugars and is facing carbohydrate depletion, which can slow growth and diminish the harvest value. Our Carbo Load Liquid contains a special liquid formulation of simple and complex carbohydrates designed to replenish your crop’s vital energy storehouse and help you coast to victory with higher yields and better crop health. We suggest using this product with Voodoo Juice, the miracle root stimulator, because the beneficial microbes in Voodoo Juice love to feed on carbohydrates.

Carbo Load Liquid Mixing Instructions Directions:

Use 2 mL (1/4 tsp) per Liter (Quart) 120 mL (4oz) per 100 Liters (25 Gallons) Use in every watering throughout the bloom cycle

Ingredients: Contains non-plant food ingredients: Glucose, Xylose, Aribinose, Maltose.

1L $34

4L $110

10L $225


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