Grotek Bud Fuel

Grotek  Bud  Fuel

• 0-0-2
• Potassium helps with fruit maturity and development
• Included complex carbohydrates and chelates
• Use in conjunction with Grotek Blossom Blaster for enhanced results

Directions for use: SHAKE WELL before using. begin adding bud fuel 7- 10 days prior to flower development to encourage a flowering response. Continue to use throughout flowering . stop using 1-2 weeks before harvest.

Hydroponic: Mix in 10 ml of Bud Fuel per 4L of fertilizer solution in your reservoir. continue to use every time the fertilizer solution is changed .

Soil/Soilless Applications: mix15 ml of Bud Fuel per 4L of fertilizer solution . Water each plant with the mixture. continue to use Bud Fuel with every nutrient feeding.

1L $25

4L $75

10L $160


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