Odour Absorbent and Waterproof Backpack


The Escort is your companion, it’s along for the ride. With multiple compartments, this bag has a little bit of everything.

If you look close enough you might just find our hidden stash pocket, just the right size for the Accomplice.

There is a laptop divider, phone pocket, and double-backed headphone port to support all the technology you may need to carry with you.


Each Revelry bag is built with a custom system of layers. The outermost layer is a rubber-backed nylon. This material is woven for strength and backed with rubber for two reasons: to protect the Dual Carbon Filter from water damage and to add an extra layer of odour protection. Working your way into the bag, there is a Dual Carbon Filter. These layers work together to filter out any unwanted odors. Lastly, we have a cotton lining. It is soft to the touch and also helps to protect the longevity of the Dual Carbon Filter. These bags all have rubber-coated zippers, genuine leather accents, and metal hardware.


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