Sun System LEC 315 Light Emitting Ceramic

-LEC stands for light emitting ceramic, a huge leap forward in Metal Halide technology. The most important change is the ceramic tube which allows the bulb to burn at a higher temperature, creating light that is much closer to natural sunlight. Growers around the world are stunned at the effectiveness of these new fixtures.
-Sun System LEC 315 utilizes cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic technology. Delivering an amazing, full spectrum unmatched by other types of H.I.D. lighting. Highly efficient agriculturally engineered Phillips CDM-T Elite 315/U/O Agro Lamp (lamp included). Greatly improved full colour light spectrum out of next generation ceramic lamps.
-Built into the fixture is a high-quality Phillips brand 50/60 Hz low frequency, square wave, highly efficient electronic ballast rated for 50,000 hour ballast life! LEC 315 driver incorporates built in thermal protection. Very reliable and durable fixture is made with the finest materials and components available.
-LESS HEAT- LEC bulbs have a lower radiant heat factor which makes them perfect for smaller applications by making it easier to control temperature spikes.
-YIELD PER WATT- Low heat means closer to plants, light quality means better plant growth. Bottom line is this technology will pay for itself by giving your plants more of what they need.
-SQUARE WAVE BALLAST- Running on a Phillips square wave ballast this technology ensures a more stable beam of light hitting the plants as the square sine waves mean the energy getting to the bulb never fluctuates. Very high 1.95 PPF per second light source.
-SPECTRAL OPTIONS- There is a full spectrum 3100K bulb that comes standard and the opportunity to purchase a 4200K bulb for dedicated vegetative growth. Higher amounts of beneficial UV and far red spectrums increase the lamps growth power to the plants.
-BULB LIFE- Excellent 90% lumen maintenance at 8,000 hours. This means the bulb losses 10% efficiency after about 2 years of use.
-FIXTURE- Very reliable and durable fixture made with the finest quality materials and components available. Reflective material is made with 98% reflective German aluminium and 95% reflective corner inserts.


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